• Patricia Ivan– WIMA Director

    Priming Women into the 5 Wise Virgins.

  • Women In Ministry Alliance

    Priming Women into the 5 Wise Virgins.


Women in Ministry Alliance (WIMA) is an international network of women serving humanity in submission and obedience to the Lord across the 7 mountains of influence in our society. The most recognisable expression of ministry is when one is pastoring a church or speaking from a pulpit. While these may be more visible aspects of ministry along with the five-fold ministry gifts of prophets, apostles, evangelists, teachers and pastors, these are not the only ones. Ministry is essentially a life of service. There are numerous women all serving across the 7 mountains of influence of our society on a daily basis, be it in the arts & entertainments, business/commerce, education, family, government/politics, media and the church mountains across the world. Some of these women have had to overcome extreme challenges, to pursue their ministry in obedience to the Lord. There are times that the journey to ministry is too overwhelming to start and too isolating to continue. WIMA connects these women, facilitate holistic ministry developments, celebrates their lives successes and challenges, empowers them to fulfil their God-given mandates and missions and offers prophetic counselling, activation and apostolic encouragement.

About Us

WIMA is overseen by Dr. Patricia Ivan, along with a seasoned team of

Our Mandate

WIMA mandate is to birth, support, accredit, celebrate and officially

Our Statement of Beliefs

We believe In One God, Maker of heaven and earth, manifested in three

Benefits of Membership

WIMA members share a common kingdom core values and statement