At WIMA, We are

Christ Centred – Kingdom Minded

WIMA members through intimacy with the father, labour in love for the furtherance of Christ’s Kingdom on earth, with a focus and the sole purpose of Christ alone being exalted and glorified.

Love & Servanthood

WIMA members understand that ministry is a way of conveying the Gospel of Jesus which is love in its simplicity. So we prefer others and seek ways to be of support and a blessing. Our words and actions bear witness of Christ’s love for us and humanity and seek to encourage others to run with their God given purpose.

Humility & Honour

WIMA members walk in humility, discouraging and denouncing all attitudes of self-promotion, titles, fame, and other self-agendas. Like Jesus our fore-runner, WIMA members sees each person from His eyes of love, beauty and potential, honouring and respecting each person regardless of age, background, title and achievement.

Graceful Words

WIMA members speak encouraging, uplifting and life giving words. We do not speak negatively to or about others and when issues arise we deal with one another in integrity, respect and love.


We are a people of faith. We believe with God all things are possible. We trust in Jesus our Redeemer, Healer, Lord, Provider, Baptiser in the Spirit, and Deliverer.

Purity of Doctrine

We categorically believe the Scriptures are the holy and inspired Word of God. We align ourselves with Jesus to minister His Word accurately, relevantly, delivered in truth, and in love.

Moral Lifestyle

Our righteousness is in Christ Jesus. We acknowledge that this is God’s gift to us and we receive it by faith and not by works. We recognise that we have been given all things that pertains to life and godliness and we choose to walk in these gifts daily by yielding to the holy spirit. Our prayer is that we will not bring a disrepute to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but we will walk with a pure heart, live right in integrity based on biblical principles.

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